The word Suar (เสือ) is the Thai word for tiger which is a native animal of Asia. A creature that is highly adaptable and capable of great speed and power.

We are committed to creating beautiful, functional, searchable, findable web presence for your organisation.

Suar Studios was started in 2008 after spending over 10 years contracting for various government and private organisations. Committed to creating great web sites that will allow your colleagues and customers find and interact with you and your business. We can set up and help you develop a strategy for your web site. We create a custom look for you and create different ways of you being able to update the web site yourself, or you can give us your updates. Online store and linking into social networking web site also available.


Suar Studios can look after every aspect of your web site. We look will advise you how best to market your business on the internet. Design and develop your web site. Advertise and market your business via search engine optimisation, advertising networks and social networking.


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